Internship Programs

Marine Conservation Institute is a non-profit scientific and conservation advocacy organization that has been working since 1996 to promote cooperation essential to protecting and restoring the Earth’s biological diversity.  From our headquarters in Seattle WA and our Washington DC and California offices, we work to protect marine life around the United States and beyond by encouraging research and training in marine conservation biology, bringing scientists together to examine crucial marine conservation issues, conducting policy research to frame the marine conservation agenda, leading outreach efforts to educate scientists, the public and decision makers on key issues, and building partnerships to solve problems affecting marine life and people.


This internship program provides motivated and academically-promising students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real‐world arena.  During their internship, students work closely with science and policy staff on cutting edge issues in marine conservation biology and ocean policy.  Most of the internship opportunities are geared towards graduate students or students who have recently completed graduate degrees, although we have on occasion developed opportunities for undergraduates to work on pressing marine conservation issues. 

For internship positions, we seek individuals with excellent communication skills, substantive knowledge or professional experience in marine or environmental science or policy, and who share our commitment to the preservation of marine life and biological diversity.  We also prefer candidates who have a demonstrated ability to work independently, with minimal direct supervision.

Types of Internships:

Science Internship – Working out of our two west coast offices, science interns have an opportunity to work closely with our science staff to research a specific marine conservation research topic.  Previous science interns have worked on projects such as: our high seas gems project, habitat conservation assessments for National Marine Sanctuaries, and our MPAtlas project.   These internships are available as project development dictates.

Policy Internship - Working out of our DC office, policy interns have the opportunity to work closely with our policy staff to gain important skills in conservation advocacy. Previous policy interns have had the opportunity to assist with establishing National Monuments and our National Marine Sanctuaries Reauthorization efforts.  Policy interns have described their internship experience as being important for learning about lobbying and the legislative process and for understanding more about packaging science for Federal decision makers.  These internships coincide with the academic calendar.  We offer one in the spring, summer, and fall.

Available Internships:

There are no positions currently available. Please check back soon.