Protect Wild Places

Even when governments have decided to protect wild ocean places, more needs to happen. They need to keep their commitments to us all, for now and future generations.

Marine Conservation Institute helps government agencies responsible for conserving and managing wild ocean places. We work to see that laws, management plans and regulations are enforced fairly and effectively.

To save the 70% of the world that is living ocean, we remember what Woody Allen says: “80% of success is showing up.” 

We show up to reduce threats to the oceans’ best places. We work to win their protection from the oceans’ biggest threats, such as acidification and destructive fishing methods.

We show up to ensure that there’s a level playing field, so people who comply with the laws get to reap the benefits of saving living oceans.

In public meetings and  behind the scenes, Marine Conservation Institute shows up to save our living oceans for us and future generations.