Coral Conservation

Coral reefs are spectacular, diverse ecosystems that are home to thousands of different species. Coral reefs have been termed "the rainforests of the sea" because they support a vast abundance and diversity of different plants and animals, more species than any other marine ecosystem, with more still being discovered.

Overfishing, climate change and development threaten coral reefs, which are having trouble all around the world. With sufficient effort and political will, most of the direct impacts to coral reefs can be alleviated.  

Marine Conservation Institute works to protect coral reef ecosystems for us and future generations. We work to establish large marine protected areas for tropical coral reefs, advocate for their continued protection, and incentivize coral reef protection through the Blue Park Awards. We also study deep-sea corals and push for their protection, from the deep waters off California through the California Seamounts Coalition to the High Seas as a member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and the High Seas Alliance.

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