Identify Vulnerable Ecosystems

Even in the 21st Century, vast areas of the sea have scarcely been explored.  We know more about the topography of Mars than of the Earth’s seafloor. Moreover, almost everywhere, it is governments who make decisions that affect our living oceans. Marine Conservation Institute works to ensure that governments know enough to avoid harming marine ecosystems.

Governments, like most people, know less about the oceans than the land, and not knowing can lead to bad decisions. That’s why so much of what we do focuses on helping decision makers.

Our scientists and policy experts have broad understanding of what’s needed to maintain the oceans’ biological diversity and sustainable productivity. They all “get” the connection between science and policy.

They develop and use the latest, most powerful tools to help our policy makers make wiser decisions. And they explore the sea themselves, in-person, with scuba, research submersibles and remotely operated vehicles.

They work closely with other scientists around the world, with our policy team, with other organizations, with ocean users and with government decision makers to identify the oceans’ best places.

Policy makers tell us we help them do what’s best for the oceans and for people, now and in the future. Their trust in us is the basis for our success.