Advocate for Healthy Oceans

Everyone, everywhere on Earth needs healthy oceans, but the key decisions are made by people in governments, the United Nations and other governing institutions. Using the scientific insights we gather, analyze and discuss every day, Marine Conservation Institute advocates policies to protect and recover healthy, diverse, productive oceans for all of us, now and in future generations.

Lawmakers and officials listen to us because they know that the latest science shapes everything we do. All of our recommendations are based on our best understanding of how our living oceans and our societies work. We care not only about the oceans themselves, but for the billions of people—everyone on Earth—whose life depends on healthy oceans.


Current Focus: Telling President Trump to Protect Our Treasured National Monuments!

We condemn President Trump’s decision to rescind protection for two U.S. national monuments. The President reduced the size of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by 85% and almost 50% respectively, eviscerating their protected ecosystems. U.S. marine monuments and marine sanctuaries are likely to be on the chopping block next, even though they protect some of the world’s most pristine ecosystems and make the U.S. a global leader on marine conservation.


Hawaiian Monk Seal swims in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Photo by NOAA


Speaking at a recent protest in Washington D.C., our President Dr. Lance Morgan said “We are an ocean group, but we care about this attack on land monuments because an attack on one monument is an attack on all. The truth is that special places on land AND IN the ocean need protection from resource extraction to preserve biodiversity, to rebuild populations of wildlife, and to create ecosystems resilient to climate change.” We’ll keep the pressure on Trump to protect our public lands and waters, there’s no backing down now!


Rose Atoll Marine National Monument and National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Ian Shive / USFWS.