Take Action: Help Create a Marine Reserve

Biscayne National Park, near Miami, FL, is home to spectacular coral reefs, large schools of fish and even the occasional dolphin. It's a beautiful place, teeming with life, and a place enjoyed by over half a million visitors a year. Although this is a protected area, fishing is allowed everywhere in the Park.

This is your chance to speak up. The Park is seeking public comments on the idea of creating a large marine reserve inside the existing National Park where fishing would not be allowed. This no-take area would cover 7% of the Park, and leave the rest of the park open for fishing, but it is still facing resistance from some fishermen that don't want to see a change in the rules. Having a marine reserve in the Park would ensure a healthy and vibrant fish population for divers, fishermen and all of us, no and in the future.

Please tell Biscayne National Park know you support "Alternative 4," the option that would create a 10,522-acre no-take marine reserve inside the National Park. 

And please ACT NOW. The National Park Service will accept official comments on their website only until midnight on October 31st.