Action Alert: Expand California Sanctuaries

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP: More To Be Done To Expand CA Sanctuaries.  

The petition asking for protection of northern California’s spectacular coast is now closed.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE. Nearly 3,000 of your comments were officially submitted to the Sanctuary Program on February 27th, along with a letter from more than 12 national and statewide environmental organizations, and detailed technical testimony on the ecological value of expanding the California national marine sanctuaries. 

BUT MARINE CONSERVATION INSTITUTE’S WORK IS NOT DONE.  We have to make sure that the federal government listens to your voices and declares the spectacular northern coast of California off limits to drilling, seismic testing, and other threats.  So, for the next two years, we will be following the process, organizing citizens to go to public meetings about the proposal, reviewing and commenting on  the environment analysis, and telling the world why this place and its wildlife are so special and worthy of increased protection.  

WE’RE GOING TO WORK ON THIS UNTIL IT’S DONE!  We will occasionally need your help, financial support and voices, to accomplish this. Please follow us on Facebook at, and on Twitter at 

For now, THANKS FOR YOUR EFFORTS.  We can’t win in this fight without your help.