Action Alert: Hawaiian Monk Seals

Thank you for signing our petition asking Congress to protect vital recovery funding for the Hawaiian monk seal!

Marine Conservation Institute and other conservation partners are still waiting to see how Congress decides to fund the Hawaiian monk seal recovery program. However, keep up the pressure and contact your senators and representatives today stressing the importance for recovery funding for this severely endangered species. 

With fewer than 1,100 left in existence, the Hawaiian monk seal is one of the world’s most endangered marine mammals. The monk seal is millions of years old and one of our ocean’s oldest inhabitants. Their arrival in the Hawaiian archipelago predates human colonization of the Hawaiian Islands. But the monk seals are in severe decline, due to impacts from entanglement in marine trash, unintentional hooking and entanglement in fishing gear, and loss of habitat for pupping and resting. 

While most of the population suffers from steep declines in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, a small population of seals in the main Hawaiian Islands is increasing, which is promising for the future of the species. But with the numbers of monk seals increasing in the main Hawaiian Islands, occurrences of human-seal interactions are on the rise. Therefore, it is important for federal and state agencies and partners to work with native Hawaiians, local residents, fisherman, and visitors to co-exist with the seals. 

Adequate funding in needed to successfully recover the species and make community education and partnerships possible. 

Thank you again for your support.  You can view the final petition here.