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California's seamounts are:
  1. Places that shelter spectacular marine life,
  2. Where intrepid ocean explorers have felt the wonder of a greater power and witnessed a rare glimpse of an undersea world worthy of our stewardship,
  3. A means to satisfy our international ocean conservation commitments,
  4. A way of healing our relationship with the natural world during a pandemic caused, partly, by a break with nature

Take the Seamountaineer Pledge today to protect the California Seamounts!

As a Seamountaineer, I will:

  1. Take action to protect marine life and special places in the ocean.
  2. Ask my legislators to protect ocean wildlife and the California Seamounts.
  3. Stop using single-use plastics (e.g., grocery bag, straws, to-go containers, bottled drinks), opt for reusable items, and let companies know why you are choosing or not choosing their products.
  4. Reduce my use of fossil fuels by walking more, riding my bike, using public transit, using renewable energy in my home, or eating less meat.
  5. Buy sustainably fished seafood.
  6. Support the work of conservation organizations who are working to safeguard marine biodiversity.

Protecting these seamounts will not happen in the middle of this pandemic, nor should it. But before they are damaged by climate change, fishing, drilling or mining, we must set them aside. Please tell California’s congressional decision makers to help protect the California seamounts.

Pledge to do your part to protect California's seamounts

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Seamountaineer Patch

For all United States residents, with an added donation to Marine Conservation Institute of $20 or more, a Seamountaineer badge will be sent to you!

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