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Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab, United Kingdom

Dr. Simon James Pittman is a marine ecologist with a Ph.D. in Geographical Sciences from the University of Queensland, Australia and author of the first book on the newly emerging science of Seascape Ecology. As Director of Seascape Analytics he has been contracted to work on NOAA projects for the past 15 years with a focus on data-driven support for marine protected area management, marine spatial planning and conservation of coral reef ecosystems. The work typically includes digital maps of one kind or another. Dr. Pittman has written scientific papers, book chapters and technical reports on spatial ecology, fish movements and ecological connectivity, fish spawning aggregations, predictive mapping, marine remote sensing, land-sea connectivity and other human impacts. He is an Associate Researcher at Plymouth University and Affiliate Faculty at the University of the Virgin Islands and Oregon State University where he mentors graduate research students. For more information visit

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