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Sam Dakin is a businessman and biologist with deep connections to the California Coast. His great grandfather, Captain Jose Ortega is buried in the Santa Barbara Mission, and his parents were married there. His great, great grandmother started the Sunkist company in the 1900’s. An avid naturalist, hiker and lover of the ocean, he has a wealth of information about the natural world. Taking a hike with Sam is an experience not to be missed! His enthusiasm for the ocean comes from being a scuba diver and trips to Palau and the coral reefs of the western Pacific; some of the most spectacular dive locations in the world. He also has a passion for the arts and is a board member and fervent supporter of the Ashland Shakespeare Festival. He is a past board member of Audubon Canyon Ranch where he served on the board as for many years. He currently lives with his wife and 2 of his 6 children in Sebastopol, California and brings to Marine Conservation Institute a wealth of talent and connections.