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Communications & Development Intern (Glen Ellen, CA)

Olivia Donnelly begins her senior year at Northern Arizona University in the fall 2020, where she will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies. A native of Arizona, her love of the oceanic world began as a child with regular trips to San Diego, CA. Whether visiting Birch Aquarium, exploring the ships at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, or jumping in the waves at Mission Beach, she knew early on that the ocean would become an integral part of her life’s work. In her communications courses, her projects have focused on ocean-themed issues and in particular about educating the public about the plight of our oceans, especially issues related to marine life. She enjoys hiking, reading, and road trips through California. After earning her B.S., Olivia wants to pursue a Master’s in Public Relations so she can continue to advocate for the oceanic world.