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Marine Protected Area Researcher

Meghan Ulmer completed her master’s degree in Fisheries Management and Conservation at the University of Miami - Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in Miami, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida with a focus in Environmental Studies. Her final dissertation at Lynn University examined and analyzed pond water samples across campus to determine if water quality for individual aquatic ecosystems was suitable for the species inhabiting the areas.

As the member of a military family, she grew up along various coastlines including the Puget Sound, Lake Erie, the Carolina Shorelines, the Florida Keys, the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean surrounding Okinawa, Japan, and the Gulf of Mexico. Her varied life experiences and pondering curiosity cultivated a profound appreciation and deep interest in the enigmatic marine life that exists within our oceans and Great Lakes. Meghan’s journey into the world of marine science began at the age of 12 through her fascination with elasmobranch species and her bewilderment over the crippling fear that surrounded these organisms. Her aspiration to protect these predators of the sea helped mold her unceasing commitment to study, conserve, and protect diverse oceanic and Great Lakes ecosystems, as well as study the critical role that policy plays in mitigating anthropogenic impacts across global environments.

During her time at the University of Miami, Meghan’s studies focused on ocean policy and the use of marine protected areas as a tool to conserve biodiversity, preserve marine resources, protect ecosystem services, and prevent overexploitation of valuable marine species. She conducted studies on the economic, biological, social, and administrative impacts of marine protected areas, as well as the benefits of utilizing a co-management regime to establish cohesive partnerships within communities, and ensure enhanced participation and an increased commitment towards protecting and conserving our fragile marine ecosystems.

In her spare time, Meg coaches National club volleyball in Illinois and loves to sightsee the surrounding wildlife areas. When it gets too cold in the Midwest, Meg looks forward to visiting the Florida Keys to kayak, snorkel and explore the Caribbean blue waters (hoping to see a shark).