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Oregon State University, United States

Dr. Grorud-Colvert is a marine ecologist and assistant professor in the Integrative Biology Department at Oregon State University. She has studied ocean organisms underwater and above the waves in the Oregon nearshore, the Florida Keys, and the California Channel Islands and has worked with fellow scientists around the world to compile and synthesize data from other marine systems. She is broadly interested in the ecology of marine communities and the connections between healthy ecosystems and the people that depend on them. A key goal of her work is to use data from diverse marine species and habitats to understand what happens when we protect an area of the ocean and to use that knowledge to design even better protection. Learn more about Dr. Grorud-Colvert’s research at Dr. Grorud-Colvert also directs the Science of Marine Reserves Project. The goal of this international collaboration is to catalyze, synthesize, and communicate scientific data about marine protected areas to help find solutions to the challenges facing our ocean. This global team of marine ecologists, communication specialists, marine reserve experts and graphic designers develops both scientific publications and educational resources for the general public. These resources include informational booklets with case studies, user-friendly graphics and Google Earth animations of scientific data. For more information, visit

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