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Great Barrier Reef Marine Protected Area (1998-2014), Australia

Jon Day was a protected area planner and manager in Australia for 39 years, 28 years of which were in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park until he retired in 2014. As one of the Directors at GBRMPA (1998-2014), he was variously responsible for conservation, planning, heritage (particularly World Heritage), Indigenous Partnerships and developing methodologies for the first Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report. His career highlight was his role in the Representative Areas Program, the major rezoning of the GBR (1999-2004) that subsequently received numerous awards. For his efforts, Mr. Day was awarded an Australian Public Service Medal (PSM) and a Smithsonian-Queensland Fellowship. Prior to working on the GBR, he spent 11 years in planning and field management positions in various terrestrial parks. He has 60+ peer-reviewed publications including 13 book chapters/books, and is currently completing a PhD at the ARC Centre for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

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