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Blue Parks Science Intern

Emma Hemmerlé graduated from University College London with a Bachelor in Conservation and Biodiversity. She is currently pursuing a master's degree at the University of Bologna (Italy) in the management and protection of nature (Global Change Ecology and Sustainable Development Goals). She grew up in France, where she first developed a relationship with the ocean, but got to discover many other marine realities through moves and travels.

Emma is passionate about large scale nature conservation, and is specifically fascinated by aquatic habitats, which she was able to explore both in her undergraduate and graduate programs. In her previous work experiences, she focused on how nature conservation can also serve to provide development opportunities in middle- and low-income countries, thus aiming to bridge the conservation-development gap, particularly relevant to the oceans, which support our livelihoods, as much as our lives. Protected area management is one of her primary areas of interest.

Emma is thrilled to be joining the Marine Conservation Institute team, in order to expand her knowledge on the protection of our oceans.