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Oceano Azul Foundation, Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE), Portugal

Dr. Emanuel Gonçalves is an Associate Professor at ISPA – Instituto Universitário in Lisbon, Portugal, and Vice-President of MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre. Is a member of the Board of Directors of the Oceano Azul Foundation and a member of the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development. Was the deputy head of the Task Group for Marine Affairs which developed Portugal’s Ocean Strategy and the lead negotiator for the EU in the CBD COP which approved the EBSAs criteria. His research interests are marine conservation, marine spatial planning and MPAs, and marine ecology. Has been involved in the designation and implementation of MPAs in Portugal and elsewhere, including discussions on the conservation of the high seas. Has developed, together with coauthors, a new regulation-based classification system for MPAs and is author or coauthor of over 60 papers including on the reserve effect and the effectiveness of MPAs.