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H.T. Harvey & Associates, United States

David Ainley received his BS degree from Dickinson College and PhD from Johns Hopkins University. He has made ~30 trips to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, about half on oceanographic research vessels. Currently, he is involved in research on penguin demography, as well as studying the effects of penguin and cetacean foraging on penguin prey availability around Ross Island using an ocean glider and Remotely Operated Vehicles. He’s also worked extensively in the California Current, including many cruises, as well as founding and then working at the PRBO marine research program on the Farallon Islands; he led the restoration of the islands, removing 100 yrs of debris as well as feral animals. He initiated efforts to designate the Ross Sea MPA, then followed up justifying its existence through papers, presentations and film; the effort was successful in part ( He’s written 4 books, 12 monographs and ~230 papers about the ecology of marine top predators: seabirds, mammals and sharks.

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