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Blue Parks Ambassador

Christina Hoenow is Director of Conservation for Blue Planet Dive Shop, and has been engaged in Marine Conservation Institute's MPA efforts since 2019. She has a background in history and political science earning a BA in both from Washington & Jefferson College. She went on to earn a MLitt in International Environmental Security from the University of St Andrews. While working at an environmental economic research institution, she found scuba diving and worked her way through the professional ratings to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. This led to her discovering marine protected areas and the complex challenges societies dependent upon these ocean spaces face. She returned to school to pursue an MA in Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island, and focused on the role marine citizen science programs play in California's MPAs. Since earning her degree in 2020, Christina became the Blue Planet Dive Shop's Director of Conservation and a Marine Protected Area Researcher for Marine Conservation Institute. She and Armand McFarland are the masterminds behind much of the Blue Parks content featured on our Instagram account. She is interested in the interrelationship of local ecological knowledge, ecotourism, and decolonization of marine protected areas. When not working on ocean issues Christina can usually be found in, on or around the nearest body of water.

Christina Hoenow