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Blue Parks Ambassador

Caitlin McCall is a passionate PADI Scuba Instructor, Scientific Diver, and Science Communications Specialist.

​In her early twenties she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Communication studies in her home state of Texas at Texas State University. She then did what every good 'ad girl' does and worked office jobs at a few different magazines. It didn't take long for her to feel completely disconnected. She wasn’t passionate about what she was doing and didn’t know why.

She had what some would call a mid-twenties 'crisis' and had to go find herself. She quit the office job, got her Divemaster certification and then moved to Australia. After a year there and then months living in New Zealand, she had fallen in love with the ocean. The ocean had become such a big piece of her that when she arrived back in Texas she began plotting her reunion with the ocean, and moved to Key West, Florida.

There, she completed a Marine Environmental Technology program at Florida Keys College. This program catapulted her into research diving, which gave her hands on experience and further igniting her passion.

Since then, she has gained a PADI Scuba Instructor certification and embarked on a journey to combine her skills in communications with her passion for teaching others about the ocean.

Enroll is her online course today to learn about marine conservation all while supporting Marine Conservation Institute!

Caitlin McCall