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Research Fellow, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, Australia

Brock has always been captivated by both the natural world and human behaviour. Growing up in rural Minnesota fostered a deep appreciation and passion for the wilderness, outdoors adventures, and environmental stewardship. This grounding shapes his research program, which seeks to understand and influence human behaviour to bolster the effectiveness of conservation programs. As a multidisciplinary scientist, Brock combines biological, ecological, and behavioural science disciplines to understand the nature and implications of human interactions with coral reef ecosystems. A central tenant of his approach is working with key end user groups to develop and deliver research programs that address key conservation priorities. As an environmental writer, Brock seeks to counter the deluge of negative public perceptions about the state and future of our planet, to showcase those working to conserve our planet, and to galvanise environmental action in today’s youth. Brock’s professional and educational experience is diverse, and spans a range of roles and institutions, including academic, industrial, and philanthropic sectors.

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