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Marine Protection Atlas Intern

Brian splits his year between South Africa and New England. He has worked extensively on the water, both as a National Park Service guide and as a deckhand for various sustainable aquaculture operations. After conducting two years of resilience work with rural farmers in Togo, West Africa through the Peace Corps, he was motivated to study climate change in the context of the Global South. For his master’s research at University of Cape Town, Brian worked with traditional handline fishers, gathering perspectives on historical injustice, marine resource governance, and environmental change. For several years he has been developing a kelp farm in his hometown of Scituate, Massachusetts to support environmental remediation and climate adaptation. He maintains a near-constant knowledge of local wind and wave forecasts so that he can balance ocean work with ocean play, channeling his inner seal while bodysurfing, otter while freediving, and seagull while surfing.