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Director of Marine Protection Atlas (Massachusetts)

Beth Pike earned her Master of Environmental Management from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment with a certificate in geospatial analysis from the Duke Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab. Before that, she earned a B.S. in Biology from Long Island University/Southampton and researched right whales in the North Atlantic and humpback whales in the North Pacific. Beth has a 500-ton captain’s license has worked as a captain, mate and naturalist throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, South Pacific, Mexico, and Hawaii. Since joining Marine Conservation Institute in 2011, Beth has focused on strategic development, outreach, planning and data management for the Marine Protection Atlas ( Beth has led the Atlas team's effort to highlight areas that best protect and conserve the ecosystem through strong marine protection. As one of the co-authors of The MPA Guide, Beth has guided the integration of assessment criteria into the MPAtlas database and website. In her free time, Beth loves hiking, boating and spending time with her family.