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Blue Parks Science Intern

Amy has a MSc in Bioengineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland and has worked for over 5 years in the biotech industry as Product Manager in a cancer research startup. During these years, she developed and launched the company’s first products onto the market, and was part of the founding team, helping to frame the company’s infrastructure and core values.

Working in this dynamic environment has given Amy a wide set of skills and knowledge in different areas, ranging from research to operational activities.

Amy has always been passionate about conservation and made sure to volunteer with organizations protecting wildlife whenever possible, but she is now looking to make this her professional endeavor. With a focus on marine life, Amy has pursued continuous trainings and internships in the field to help jump start her career in marine conservation. She participated in shark and ray practical research, while also completing the PADI Dive Master course and is eager to support marine conservation efforts at the global scale.

Amy Jones profile