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Blue Parks Science Intern

Alexandra is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Systems and a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Communications at Stanford University. She grew up in Chicago and discovered her love for the ocean after scuba diving for the first time at 14 years old. Since then, she has spent multiple years working with marine conservation companies, sailing the oceans, as well as conducting and participating in marine scientific research. Some of her past research includes mapping the communication patterns of deep sea squid and studying the effects of removing top predators from coral reefs. This year, she additionally obtained her PADI Divemaster Certification and plans to use it for underwater research and exploration in future endeavors.

Most recently, Alexandra has focused on the ways in which science, journalism, photography, and film can assist in telling climate-based stories and create a positive impact on humanity’s relationship with nature. As a member of the Osage Nation, she is also passionate about uplifting communities disproportionately affected by environmental injustices, as well as centering indigenous voices and practices within the climate and conservation movement.

In her free time, Alexandra enjoys exploring, going on runs and hikes, doing yoga, and practicing drawing and photography. She is excited to work as a Blue Parks Intern this summer and make a contribution towards assisting MPAs and marine conservation efforts throughout the world.