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I Bing. Working a few blocks from Microsoft’s Bing offices, it’s hard not to see the bumper stickers around town. Knowing a few people there, I figured I’d give it a shot. I can’t say Bing replaced Google as my search engine of choice, but it did manage to replace The New York Times as my homepage (this has NEVER happened before). Why? It’s all about the picture of the day.

Today’s picture is a beautiful picture of the Maldives, a place I’ve always wanted to go and dive. The best part about Bing’s picture of the day is the neat things I learn by exploring the little boxes embedded in the image. One of these links took me to the best beaches in the world, listed in alphabetical order with full color pictures. It was a dream list of everywhere I want to go, and some places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. I’m a beach collector. I love beaches, I love beautiful, pristine stretches of sand alive with life and usually devoid of people. One of the most spectacular beaches I’ve been to was Horseshoe Bay beach in Bermuda, a beautiful curved stretch of pink sand beach on the shore of the most sparling blue waters.

What’s your favorite beach, and why? Share your stories and pictures with us!