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Deep-sea coral emerges from the darkness

New technology lets B.C. research team study exotic creatures, in hopes of affecting policy protecting them


JUAN PEREZ SOUND — From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Last updated on Saturday, Jun. 27, 2009 05:21AM EDT

About 60 metres below the surface of Juan Perez Sound in British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Islands, Jennifer Lash steers a one-person submersible next to a cloud sponge the size and colour of a sheep.

The puffy creature gives off an otherworldly glow in the sub’s high-powered lights. A few metres away, a Nuytco Research Ltd. pilot nudges a larger sub closer to Ms. Lash, giving two journalists jammed inside his craft a fish-eye’s view of Ms. Lash in her machine.

A solo submarine also know as

The hunt for red coral

Dive into Juan Perez Sound with The Globe’s John Lehmann as he follows a submersible’s hunt for coral off the B.C. coast.


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