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Travel to the Deep Sea: Two Multimedia Journeys

At the beginning of July, Marine Conservation Institute invited our supporters to voyage to the deep sea…from the comfort of the living room. Our first-ever webinar was a huge success, and we’re pleased to share footage of it with those of you who didn’t get a chance to register for the live event! 

Travel with Dr. Samuel Georgian, Marine Conservation Institute’s resident Ocean Explorer, as he leads you on a fascinating journey to the strange and stunning ecosystems found in the depths of our oceans. In this webinar, you’ll:

· See incredible video and photographs of deep-sea creatures

· Explore some of the amazing technology used to explore the deep ocean

· Learn about Sam’s deep-sea research and how he became a marine biologist

Watch the video here, and be sure to follow us on YouTube for more glimpses into wild ocean places.

Stay tuned for more webinars from our team of scientists and explorers, and feel free to send suggestions our way if there’s anything you’re especially eager to learn about next!

A Deeper Dive

A squat lobster resides on an octorcoral. In the background you can see a colony of Lophelia, the predominant coral in this area of the West Florida Escarpment. Image Courtesy of NOAA.

From dainty, serpent-like brittle stars to black corals that can live to be thousands of years old, seamounts are home to some incredible organisms. Explore our Story Map (made with Esri), which will take you on a visually engaging multimedia journey, putting you up-close and personal with the bizarre and beautiful creatures that live in these deep-sea oases. Story map here.

Excited about seamounts? Please sign and share our Seamounainteer Pledge and become a Seamountaineer. 

Bonus: for all U.S. citizens, a donation of $20 or more earns you a free limited-edition Seamountaineer badge!