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How Fishing Communities Use Locally Managed Marine Areas to Combat the Effects of Climate Change

Blog by: Arianna Trapp, Blue Parks Science Intern Featured Image: Fishing in Fiji by Tom Vierus Most large, well-known marine protected areas (MPAs) are located in developed, financially stable countries where central governance and ample budgets for management are common. However, the top-down, centrally managed structure of many of these MPAs doesn’t work everywhere, particularly…

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Are Fish Aggregating Devices just a FAD?

Blog by: Lindsay Brubaker, Blue Parks Science Intern Featured Image: A view from below of a fish aggregating device (FAD). Wade Fairey Fish Aggregating Devices—called FADs—result in five times more bycatch than other fishing methods, and lost FADs become ghost gear, costing millions of dollars in cleanup efforts in fragile ecosystems. These floating ocean objects…

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Six Amazing Shark Species You Can See in GLORES Award-Winners Malpelo and Tubbataha

Feature Photo: Santiago Estrada, courtesy of Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia   For 30 years, Shark Week has garnered widespread attention for its focus on our ocean’s most iconic predators. Though its programming can be more sensational than science based, Shark Week brings these incredible animals home for millions of Americans. And sharks need our attention…

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