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Modeling Mountains: How Species Modeling Could Save the High Seas

Far off the South American coast lie submerged mountain ridges that stretch nearly 2,000 miles along the seafloor. While these seamounts are deep, remote, and mysterious, habitat modeling offers insight into what animals live in these biodiversity hotspots. Our Marine Biogeographer Dr. Sam Georgian discusses a new publication detailing how cutting-edge species distribution models are…

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Zombie Worms and Friendly Stars: How Deep-Sea Symbiosis (Friends with Benefits) Allows Species to Thrive in a Challenging Environment

Featured Image: Octopus Cluster, Davidson Seamount. Credit: Ocean Exploration Trust/National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. The deep sea is a harsh place to live. Lacking the sunlight-fueled productivity that drives shallow-water food webs, the deep sea is extremely limited by available food, leading to slow growth rates, low reproduction, and a reduced ability to recover from disturbances.…

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I’m Retiring

Retiring is a very personal decision.  I come from the first Space Age generation, from a time when rocket launches were big stories on evening network news.  One idea engineers wanted us to learn is that lifting a satellite into Earth orbit happens in more than 1 stage.  The 1st stage boosts the rest off…

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