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Marine Conservation Institute Critical of Secretary of Interior Zinke’s Review of Marine National Monuments

Seattle, WA — Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke today submitted undisclosed recommendations to the White House on the fate of two dozen land and marine monuments culminating a process begun in April when President Trump issued Executive Order 13792. The unprecedented review questioned the validity and need for 21 land monuments and 5 marine monuments created…

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Trump Abandons the Paris Climate Agreement

The Trump Administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement will have devastating consequences for marine life in our oceans. For decades, the ocean has been absorbing excess carbon dioxide that humans release into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Ocean acidification, warming seawater and sea level rise – all a result of…

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What President Trump’s “Skinny Budget” Means for Our Oceans

Today, President Trump released a budget outline for 2018 that has been called “the skinny budget”. Unfortunately, it is just that for most activities other than defense and homeland security. The Department of Commerce, which houses the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, would be slimmed down by $1.5 billion or 16%. This probably…

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