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How Fishing Communities Use Locally Managed Marine Areas to Combat the Effects of Climate Change

Blog by: Arianna Trapp, Blue Parks Science Intern Featured Image: Fishing in Fiji by Tom Vierus Most large, well-known marine protected areas (MPAs) are located in developed, financially stable countries where central governance and ample budgets for management are common. However, the top-down, centrally managed structure of many of these MPAs doesn’t work everywhere, particularly…

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Establishing a MPA is Sometimes More Than Just a Family (National) Affair

In an effort to achieve the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) goal of strongly protecting at least 30% of our ocean by 2030 to sufficiently “protect biodiversity, preserve ecosystem services, and achieve socioeconomic priorities,” many countries have ramped up their efforts to designate more marine protected areas (MPAs). Following this trend, Philippines’…

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We’re gonna need a bigger sanctuary

It is Shark Week and sharks are once again at the forefront of our public consciousness. Thanks to terrifying portrayals in movies like Jaws and this summer’s The Shallows, sharks have a reputation as blood-thirsty killers. But, if anything, sharks should be more frightened of humans than vice versa. Every year, humans kill over 100…

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