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Let Them Eat Fish?

Featured Picture: A rockfish searches for a place to hide off the coast of Southern California. Photo courtesy of NOAA. By Samuel Georgian, Marine Biogeographer at Marine Conservation Institute   The next time you order fish at a restaurant, pull out your phone for a second and research where it might have come from (Monterey Bay Aquarium’s…

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Big Blue Blog: Did I just find your toothbrush…in the ocean?!

A Monk Seal Pup Swims through marine debris. Credit: Daniel Fox

From shower gel to food packaging, plastic is globally pervasive. We are now finding our plastic waste in places we never intended, such as our oceans. A recent study published in Science estimates that, in 2010, between 10.5 and 28 billion pounds of plastic entered the oceans. That’s equivalent to five plastic grocery bags filled…

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