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National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Rejects Proposal to Expand Area for Rock Shrimp Bottom Trawl Fishery off Florida Coast

Decision saves remnants of fragile Oculina coral habitat found nowhere else on Earth from destruction Contacts: Dr. Lance Morgan, PresidentMarine Conservation Institute, 707 217 8242 mobile Shari Anker, PresidentConservation Alliance of St. Lucie 772 335 3484 NOAA Announcement and Background Below [Washington, DC] National Oceanographic and Atmospheric (NOAA) officials rejected amendment 10 from…

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UPDATE: Florida Keys and Oculina Coral Reefs

Florida’s abundant and diverse marine life – snappers, groupers, sharks, marlin, sea turtles, manatees – and special habitats like the Florida Keys coral reefs have made it an important destination for millions of visitors and new residents for decades. But these rich marine and coastal ecosystems are fraying at the edges or in sharp decline…

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World’s First Deep-Water Coral Marine Protected Area Established in 1984 Off Florida Coast Now Facing Threat

Can the Biden-Harris administration move forward with America the Beautiful Plan if NOAA and Regional Fishery Management Councils Move Backwards? Friday, April 29, 2022Seattle, WA, USA Contacts: Mike Gravitz, Director of Policy and LegislationMarine Conservation InstituteMichael.Gravitz@marine-conservation.org301 351 5052 cell Dr. Lance Morgan, PresidentMarine Conservation 707 217 8242 cell Shari Anker, PresidentConservation Alliance of St.…

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