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Fish Habitat—a Safety Net for Ocean Fisheries—Needs Stronger Protections

Guest blog: New NRDC report examines “essential fish habitat” in U.S. fisheries management. Written by Molly Masterton and Brad Sewell  Featured Picture: Kelp bass swim through eelgrass habitat in the Pacific Ocean ©Adam Obaza/NOAA Fisheries West Coast From time to time, we see reports or blogs from other organizations that are so important for our marine…

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Kelp Forests: Towering Coastal Wonders

By Siobhan Murphy, Marine Conservation Institute Communications Intern In our exploration of blue carbon so far, we’ve swum through dense mangrove forests and snorkeled over swaying seagrass meadows. Now, let’s head to cooler waters. Grab your wetsuit and dive with us into a towering kelp forest!     Kelps are large, typically brown seaweeds, of…

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