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A Tale of Two Cold-Water Coral Reefs

Human industrial and agricultural activity has released massive quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) into our atmosphere, with significant effects on our climate and oceans. About one-third of this atmospheric CO2 is absorbed by our oceans1, where it chemically interacts with seawater to reduce its pH – a scale that measures how acidic (lower pH values)…

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Gulf Gems Still Shining – But What Does the Future Hold?

When the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred in 2010, the fragility of the Gulf of Mexico was thrust into the limelight. Instead of the usual happy images of families on vacation, fishermen on the water, and glowing sunsets, the public experienced a five-month-long flood of oiled beaches, dead and dying animals, and small towns in economic…

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Marine Conservation Institute Releases Gulf Gems Report Highlighting Critical Areas to Protect in the Gulf of Mexico

Marine Conservation Institute today announced it has released a new report, Gulf Gems: Treasured Places in Troubled Waters, highlighting critical areas in the Gulf of Mexico. The document aims to bring awareness to important places in the Gulf that are currently unprotected or under-protected from extractive and potentially damaging human activities. When the Deepwater Horizon…

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