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Bridging Blue Parks

A new vision for multinational marine reserves could change the face of ocean protection forever In the Eastern Tropical Pacific’s swirling currents, endangered leatherback turtles cruise along undersea ridges and muscular hammerhead sharks travel between islands the way that traffic moves between cities. For 23 million years, seafloor spreading has given birth to complex underwater…

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Galapagos Expansion Named a Blue Spark in Growing Network of Highest Quality Marine Protected Areas

For Immediate Release January 27, 2021 Contact: Lance Morgan,, 707-217-8242 (cell) [Seattle, WA] Marine Conservation Institute announced today that the proposed expansion of protections around the Galápagos is now a Blue Spark marine protected area collaboration. The Blue Spark designation for this proposed protected area reflects significant public and scientific interest in strengthening protections for this…

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We’re gonna need a bigger sanctuary

It is Shark Week and sharks are once again at the forefront of our public consciousness. Thanks to terrifying portrayals in movies like Jaws and this summer’s The Shallows, sharks have a reputation as blood-thirsty killers. But, if anything, sharks should be more frightened of humans than vice versa. Every year, humans kill over 100…

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