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After 50 years of National Marine Sanctuaries, can we please put the real meaning of the word ‘sanctuary’ into the program

It’s been 50 years since the passage of the National Marine Sanctuary Act in 1972, and we have reason to ask, ‘How effective are US marine sanctuaries at conserving marine life in US oceans?” Are they doing the job of protecting and conserving our nation’s most valuable marine ecosystems? Unfortunately, the answer to that question…

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UPDATE: Florida Keys and Oculina Coral Reefs

Florida’s abundant and diverse marine life – snappers, groupers, sharks, marlin, sea turtles, manatees – and special habitats like the Florida Keys coral reefs have made it an important destination for millions of visitors and new residents for decades. But these rich marine and coastal ecosystems are fraying at the edges or in sharp decline…

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Blue Parks Ambassador Spotlight: Caitlin McCall

This ongoing series of blogs profiles our Blue Parks Ambassadors: a group of ocean champions across the world and diverse spheres who care deeply about safeguarding life in the sea. Blue Parks Ambassadors help us build support for Blue Parks and securing effective protection for 30% of the ocean by 2030 by communicating the value…

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