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Our Ocean 2017

Since the first Our Ocean in 2014, these annual conferences have brought together the world’s ocean leaders, scientists and conservation practitioners to transform pressing challenges into change. Its key areas of action include sustainable fisheries, pollution, climate change and marine protected areas (MPAs). With each ocean issue, it facilitates tangible and measurable commitments that build towards solutions.…

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Marine Conservation Institute Releases Letter from Over 500 Scientists Strongly Supporting Marine Monuments Now Under Government Review

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong protection for the oceans’ most important places, today released a letter signed by 535 marine, climate and other scientists who fully support the creation of marine reserves because of the “important role that strongly-protected marine reserves play in conserving marine life and benefiting fish populations.” …

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Global Ocean Refuge System Experiences Strong Momentum and Continues to Seek Additional Support

Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in protecting marine biodiversity, today announced significant progress on its priority initiative, the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES, pronounced “glories”). GLORES will catalyze strong protection for at least 20% of the ecosystems in each marine biogeographic region of the world’s oceans by 2030, enough to avert mass extinction of marine…

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