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Scary Threats to Our Marine Protected Areas

Since taking office, President Trump has launched a frightening assault on U.S. ocean conservation and governance. Previous administrations have pursued marine conservation as a bipartisan issue, with both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama designating large protected areas in important biodiversity hotspots. Now, the Trump administration is threatening the future of our National…

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Marine Conservation Institute Critical of Secretary of Interior Zinke’s Review of Marine National Monuments

Seattle, WA — Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke today submitted undisclosed recommendations to the White House on the fate of two dozen land and marine monuments culminating a process begun in April when President Trump issued Executive Order 13792. The unprecedented review questioned the validity and need for 21 land monuments and 5 marine monuments created…

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Marine Conservation Institute Says That Review of Monuments in Executive Order Could Signal Beginning of Slow Attack on Public Lands and Oceans

Washington D.C.— Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong protection for the oceans’ most important places, denounced the President’s Executive Order to undertake a federal review of land and ocean monuments established by three previous presidents. The new administration’s executive order requiring agencies, like the Department of Interior, to review the last 20 years…

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