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Zombie Worms and Friendly Stars: How Deep-Sea Symbiosis (Friends with Benefits) Allows Species to Thrive in a Challenging Environment

Featured Image: Octopus Cluster, Davidson Seamount. Credit: Ocean Exploration Trust/National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. The deep sea is a harsh place to live. Lacking the sunlight-fueled productivity that drives shallow-water food webs, the deep sea is extremely limited by available food, leading to slow growth rates, low reproduction, and a reduced ability to recover from disturbances.…

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Mystery in The Deep: How Models Can Help Us Understand the Full Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Featured Picture: A host of squat lobsters and brittle stars adorn a large pair of Paramuricea corals at a depth of 3,200 feet in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo courtesy of Ocean Exploration Trust and ECOGIG. By Samuel Georgian, Marine Biogeographer at Marine Conservation Institute   Given the depth of the spill, it should not be surprising…

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