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Zombie Worms and Friendly Stars: How Deep-Sea Symbiosis (Friends with Benefits) Allows Species to Thrive in a Challenging Environment

Featured Image: Octopus Cluster, Davidson Seamount. Credit: Ocean Exploration Trust/National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. The deep sea is a harsh place to live. Lacking the sunlight-fueled productivity that drives shallow-water food webs, the deep sea is extremely limited by available food, leading to slow growth rates, low reproduction, and a reduced ability to recover from disturbances.…

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One Step Closer to Helping Our Oceans!

Last week, more progress was made toward protecting our oceans.In fact, in the course of one meeting, two great things happened. First, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works approved Senator Landrieu’s bill, S. 1400, also known as the RESTORE Act.RESTORE stands for Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the…

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