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The Scoop on Spillover: How Blue Parks are Bigger than Their Boundaries

Blog by: Allie Smith, Blue Parks Science Intern Featured Image: Hammerhead Shark by Shane Gross What we’ve seen in marine protected areas is promising: evidence that these reserves not only support the ecosystems within their boundaries, but also benefit surrounding marine and human communities. Though hard to quantify, the “spillover effect” has been documented in…

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Blue Parks Ambassador Spotlight: Caitlin McCall

This ongoing series of blogs profiles our Blue Parks Ambassadors: a group of ocean champions across the world and diverse spheres who care deeply about safeguarding life in the sea. Blue Parks Ambassadors help us build support for Blue Parks and securing effective protection for 30% of the ocean by 2030 by communicating the value…

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Our 2018 Conservation Priorities

This year promises to be an interesting and exciting one for marine conservation, and we’re ready to meet its opportunities and challenges head-on for our oceans. We will continue advocating for strong protection of our oceans, strengthening our initiatives and working with you to safeguard marine biodiversity. Here’s a preview of our plans for this…

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