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New Blue Park & Blue Sparks Join the Growing Network of Highest Quality Marine Protected Areas

Featured Picture: 2020 Blue Park Award winner, Abrolhos Marine National Park in Brazil. Photo: Eco360 [Seattle, WA]  Marine Conservation Institute and its international panel of marine science advisors today announced Abrolhos National Marine Park has been designated as the newest Blue Park for achieving the highest science-based standards for marine life protection and management. Abrolhos joins a growing network of 16 Blue Parks around the…

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20 Ocean Places for Your 2020 Bucket List

To get 2020 off to a bang we thought we would provide you with some suggestions of places that you should know more about. These are some of the very best protected areas in the ocean or areas deserving stronger protection. They all need your support. Not every place thrives with human access, and some…

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