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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: A Snapshot of Marine Conservation in 2020

The turn of the decade has come and gone with many unexpected losses and challenges. Heightened racial tensions, some of the worst wildfires in decades, and COVID-19 didn’t quite make the year for which we were all hoping. In the midst of this, 2020 has also seen consequential outcomes for ocean protection. To recognize a few of the main players in marine conservation this year, we bring you our list of MPA superlatives: a two-part exploration of the ocean’s biggest losses and wins of 2020! Part 2.

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Ten Triumphs from 2020

In a year of bleak headlines, here are our favorite newsworthy highlights to rekindle your hope for the ocean in 2021 No doubt about it: this has been a year of exhausting news. From the ongoing global pandemic to nerve-wracking threats to marine protections both globally (such as the Chinese fishing fleet amassed just outside…

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20 Ocean Places for Your 2020 Bucket List

To get 2020 off to a bang we thought we would provide you with some suggestions of places that you should know more about. These are some of the very best protected areas in the ocean or areas deserving stronger protection. They all need your support. Not every place thrives with human access, and some…

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