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GLORES Partner Spotlight: Susan Bird

We are excited to shine the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on Susan Bird, underwater explorer, researcher and avid photographer. As an extension of a successful career as a nationally ranked competitive swimmer, she began diving 1984 and later taught diving in Monterey Bay. She was the president of the Bay Area Underwater Explorers and organizer of many of their local documentation and public education projects. As a member of the Hoyo Negro Team, Susan was responsible for the underwater handling, storage and excavation of the oldest human remains discovered in North America. Marine Conservation Institute is absolutely thrilled to receive the support of Susan Bird for our largest initiative, GLORES!

We asked Susan why she became a GLORES Partner:

“I have always been fascinated by the ocean and passionate about cetaceans, but the intensity of my passion was magnified the moment I saw a wild dolphin. I experienced a deep connection and felt an immediate responsibility to do everything I could to honor and protect marine mammals and the environment that supports them. My lifetime intention is to support conservation efforts through friends, colleagues and nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting sea life. I believe that Global Ocean Refuges are instrumental for the protection of cetaceans, and other marine life, and their habitats. Marine protected areas work, and they are the fastest way to protect a vast area of our oceans.

Photograph Courtesy of Susan Bird

Through my images, I am attempting to activate within viewers a sense of love and reverence for the animals in the oceans. I believe that the path to protect and preserve life on our planet begins with an opening of one’s heart. We protect what we love. My hope is that my images stir something within people’s hearts… to awaken them to help save our oceans and their precious inhabitants.”

More about Susan Bird:

Susan presently volunteers her technical diving skills to support the ongoing global endeavors of Project Baseline and she provides heartfelt images and videos of wild cetaceans to marine conservation organizations. You may find more information on Susan on her website at: Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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