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Safeguarding California Seamounts for Generations and Generations to Come


In episode 2 of our California Seamounts Series, viewers experience the rough topography of the seamounts and the incredible marine life that lives there. Like the Sierra Mountains, the seamounts have steep cliffs, valleys, deep gorges, and broad plateaus. These seamounts are havens for life from their base to summit. Scientists believe that seamount refuges may be able to repopulate areas closer to the coasts in shallower water with certain species if these coastal populations are threatened by ocean warming, acidification, overfishing or pollution.

Join our campaign to protect the California Seamounts by taking the Seamountaineer Pledge and signing a letter of support for decision makers. About every week for the rest of the summer, we will release a new video about a different aspect of the California Seamounts. Stay tuned for more trips to the deep world of the seamounts where we discuss why they deserve protection for generations and generations to come.