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Giving Thanks

Thank you for supporting our ocean protection work! This year has been filled with exciting marine conservation updates and progress to be grateful for. Though threats like overfishing and marine debris persist, the world is more engaged than ever with finding solutions. Thanks to you, each of our projects continues growing with this sea change to deliver results for our ocean. Here are just a few of the ways that you helped us give back to our blue planet in 2018.


Ten blue parks around the world have earned Global Ocean Refuge Awards.


Your support enabled us to announce that 7 new blue parks earned Global Ocean Refuge Awards at the Our Ocean Conference in Indonesia. Each of these stellar marine protected areas (MPAs) meets strict, science-based standards for biodiversity protection, and our Accelerator program continues working with international partners to improve new MPAs as well. The Global Ocean Refuge System is now 10 parks strong and covers 1.5 million sq. km! features interactive maps detailing MPAs worldwide.


With your support, the Marine Protection Atlas ( continues to be the best online resource for all things MPA. The team assesses ocean protection efforts and provides essential information to our conservation partners around the world. It has been called the, “the most accurate and widely accepted tally of all MPAs,” for good reason: no other site gives an up-to-date global map of MPA implementation status and progress.


A basket star moves across a deep-sea reef off California. Photo: MARE


In the US, your support has allowed us to lead the California Seamounts Coalition to advance protections for the seamounts, ridges, and other deep-sea features off the Pacific coast. These sites are biodiversity hotspots and a critical part of our marine heritage. We’ve also been actively opposed to the Trump administration’s anti-environment plans, especially its push for expanded offshore oil drilling and intention to gut protection for our marine national monuments and sanctuaries. We’ll keep up the fight against their toxic agenda!


You keep our projects swimming! Photo: Jeremy Bishop


The ocean still needs our help. Thank you for helping us grow and amplify ocean protection efforts around the world. Together, we’re building a brighter blue future for us and marine wildlife!


Support healthy oceans this holiday season!



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