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Ocean Protection Accelerates

With World Oceans Day just around the corner, we’re thrilled to announce a new ocean protection program – the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Accelerator! Through working with environmental organizations, community leaders and governments, the Accelerator program helps ensure that new marine protected areas (MPAs) meet science-based standards to save ocean wildlife.



Our GLORES Accelerator team guides new blue parks towards better outcomes for ocean ecosystems. As part of this partnership, we also connect new MPAs with technical partners that can help them address design and implementation challenges. GLORES Accelerator projects are chosen based on their commitment to meeting GLORES standards and biodiversity conservation. Our first two Accelerator projects are with Sin Azul No Hay Verde in Argentina and Fundación Rompientes in Chile, two organizations that are making a difference for our ocean.



The Conservation Land Trust (CLT) created Sin Azul No Hay Verde to help protect at least 10% of the Argentine Sea in effectively managed, no-take protected areas by 2020. They work to safeguard corridors with vital feeding and breeding habitats for ocean wildlife, focusing on CLT’s concept of “Full Nature” to ensure new protected areas offer long-term protection to intact ecosystems. Sin Azul No Hay Verde has made history: they introduced a bill into Argentina’s Congress that would create the country’s first MPAs and protect over 100,000 sq. km. Our GLORES team is excited to help guide these efforts towards conservation success!



Fundación Rompientes is making waves for ocean protection in central Chile. In providing services to coastal communities in the O’Higgins and El Maule Regions, they help preserve the local heritage through marine conservation and new business models that can coexist with artisanal fishing. These regions are dealing with serious issues, including water pollution, biodiversity loss, and the destruction of coastal ecosystems. Fundación Rompientes raises awareness about these problems, encourages co-management of the coast, and promotes sustainable recreation. We look forward to assisting their work and furthering ocean protection in Chile with the GLORES Accelerator.



To support this new direction, we’ve launched a GLORES Accelerator Match Campaign. Support Marine Conservation Institute today and your donation will have double the impact for ocean wildlife. Together, we can save our blue planet!


Double Your Impact Today!



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