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Dr. Elliott Norse Gives Passionate Presentation to University Students

On January 22, Marine Conservation Institute Chief Scientist Dr. Elliott Norse was a guest speaker in the University of Washington’s Bevan Series on Sustainable Fisheries, a symposium featuring internationally recognized experts.  Elliott talked about his long career in ocean conservation and then discussed the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES), an initiative by Marine Conservation Institute to advance strongly protected marine areas worldwide.

With a nearly 40-year, venerable career in marine conservation, Elliott is one of the most qualified individuals to talk about the alarming state of the oceans and how best to fix them. His lecture was very well-received and, for the numerous millennials and others in the room, offered a promising solution to address the situation our oceans are facing.

As one live Tweeter said, “Not only did he fill the entire auditorium, but he delivered a spectacular presentation.” Check out the Storify to learn more about what University of Washington students thought! Better yet, watch the lecture yourself!


  1. Joel Simonetti on March 26, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    Dr. Elliot Norse was an early supporter of Fintegrity’s work with educators to help young adults all over the world understand the value of marine protected areas. Check out Fintegrity’s new book “Consuming Coral Reefs” on Kickstarter.…/1315344…/consuming-coral-reefs